2010 Maryland General Election Endorsements

OCT 26, 2010


In 2009, the Maryland State Senate passed legislation allowing the installation of speed cameras on major highways, interstates, and roads. As part of this law (signed by Martin O’Malley) those charged with speeding by these automated ‘big-brother’ machines had no recourse in court to fight their tickets. The law did not require a police officer or camera operator to appear in court.

This year, we can hold those people responsible for this law accountable. We can vote them out of office for imposing this law which strips those who travel through Maryland of their basic due process rights and enforces a backdoor ‘big-brother’ style tax.

Maryland for Responsible Enforcement, the Speed Camera Opposition group in Maryland, would like to endorse the following candidates for Maryland State Senate. They include both Democrats and Republicans who have been strong opponents to Speed Cameras.

Office of Governor
Robert Ehrlich

State Senate District – Endorsed Candidate

1 – George Edwards
2 – Chris Shank
3 – Alex Mooney
4 – David Brinkley
5 – Joe Getty
6 – Norman Stone
7 – J.B. Jennings
10 – Delores Kelley
13 – Kyle Lorton
14 – Eric Cary
16 – Jerry Cave
19 – Don Irvine
29 – Rob Dyson
30 – John Astle
31 – Bryan Simonaire
32 – James DeGrange
34 – Nancy Jacobs
35 – Barry Glassman
36 – E.J. Pipkin
37 – Richard Colburn
42 – Jim Brochin

These candidates have stood up to hidden tax speed cameras that violate our due process rights. We still have a voice in Maryland in fighting speed cameras if we elect those who will challenge them!

Justin Shuy, Executive Director | Daniel Zubairi, Chairman

Maryland for Responsible Enforcement