Collection Events

The following is a list of places where collection efforts are taking place. If you are able to help out, please email Since we are a 100% Grassroots effort, we have no problem with people organizing events and collection points themselves to get signatures collected.

Date Venue Hours Details
Everyday Metro Rail Stations in Maryland AM and PM Rush Hour We have been able to collect 300 signatures in just 3 hour shifts at Metro Stations.

Please follow these rules:

WMATA has given us permission to collect. The name to use is Ms. Baccus in the General Counsel’s office if police give you problems

1) Must be 15 feet from the entrance (the indoor area entrance)

2) Posters cant be bigger than 18×18 inches

3) Stand to the side out of the way so people are not blocked

Everyday Safeway Grocery 4 Hour Blocks Saturday and Sunday Morning and evening blocks. Call your local Safeway Manager to book a block
Everyday Giant Grocery Scheduled With reservations and store permission. We have the forms to submit to the manager. Please email and we will book the spot for you
Saturday May 16- Sunday Ma7 17 2009 FedEx Field Parking for Joint Airshow Parking Lot – All Day We will be collecting signatures from the parking lots all day. If you are able, this is a very high volume event. No banners, leaflets, etc.
Saturday May 16, 2009 The Preakness Scheduled We encourage you to take a few sheets with you and collect. We will have people on site all day and are working on getting a booth
Saturday May 16-May 17, 2009 Ocean City Car Show All Day If you are going to be in OC this weekend, please go over and have Maryland Registered Voters sign up.
Sunday May 17, 2009 Glen Burnie  Memorial Day Parade Scheduled Volunteers will be walking the parade route collecting signatures. If you can help out, please help collect
Memorial Day Weekend Ocean City Boardwalk, Town Parades, BBQs Scheduled Make sure that if you are in ocean city, go over to the boardwalk with your family or friends and spend a couple of hours collecting signatures.

Also, if your community has a parade, please help collect too

If you are hosting a BBQ, have all of your Maryland Voter guests sign the petiition


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